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Yellow Sticky Traps for Insects

Yellow Sticky Traps for Insects are a non-toxic way to control and monitor aphids, cucumber beetles, whiteflies, fungus gnats, leaf-hoppers, frog-hoppers, moths, white-flies, flea, leaf miners etc.

The attraction to Yellow is considered to be a natural response to plant foliage. By catching the winged adults with Yellow Sticky Traps before they reach the plants, the build up of pests will be delayed. Existing insect populations may also be reduced.

An integral part of any integrated pest management program they can be used in greenhouses, homes, orchards, flower and vegetable gardens, anywhere insects are a problem.The exposed portion of traps coated with a waterproof adhesive and the glue does not dry out so that the traps will last until the surface area is completely covered with insects even in rain.

Yellow Sticky Traps Benefits:

● Cost Effective and User Friendly

● Attract Targeted pest only and Non toxic

● Weather Proof and long Lasting

● Decrease insecticide use so recommended for organic farming

● Up to 100 + days field life

● Result oriented product

● Strong Plastic Board Design Sticky Trap

How To Use Yellow Sticky Traps

Remove the protective cover paper from the traps and suspend them just above the plants using the wire provided. If adults are already present tap the plants to disturb them.

Insects are attracting and try to sit on the trap and due to gum stickiness they will stuck lifetime on trap.

Additional traps may be used near vents and doors to catch any insects flying in from outside.

Product parameters

HPS-404224*17cm10pcs/box 48/96boxes/CTN


What are sticky traps used for?

Sticky traps are useful for monitoring an area for crawling insects 24/7, and as such are frequently used by professionals to detect pests, and monitor changes in pest abundance.

There are sticky traps in white, blue and yellow colors, and the traps of different colors target slightly different pests.

Yellow Sticky traps are used to attract and capture a variety of insects such as winged aphids, white flies, etc. While, Blue sticky traps are used to monitor thrips and leaf miners.

White Sticky Traps utilise a strong and durable wet-stick insect glue for maximum capture rates of capture flea beetles as they jump. The quality of the glue ensures these traps quickly reduce pest populations on your plants, or within your home.

yellow, blue, and white sticky traps image

How many yellow sticky traps should I put per acre?

Four to six yellow sticky traps can be placed in one acre area, which has been found to be significantly helpful in reducing the any pest/insect population capable of flying particularly aphids and jassids.

How often replace sticky traps?

They would need to be replaced if either the board becomes full with insects, or it becomes too dusty which will coat the glue and it will not be sticky. Typically you would replace every 30 days.

Are you a yellow sticky traps manufacturer?

Yes, We produce a variety of sticky traps and our sticky Glue Traps have been sold in India, South Africa, Pakistan, Ireland, Singapore, Canada, USA and many other countries.The quality of the products has been recognized by the local customers.

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