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Dual-Sided Gnat Traps

Dual-Sided Gnat Traps are a dual sided sticky cards for mosquito, leafminer, aphid, and other flying pest problems. These fly sticky traps use the bright yellow and sticky glue to attract insects. These tiny insects can‘t resist the bright yellow traps which are covered in a double-sided super-strong adhesive, so once they stick, they stay stuck!

The glue is safe and environment-friendly, which is very suitable to use in your home or in the garden.

Dual-Sided Gnat Traps

EASY TO USE: Peel off a trap from the stack and place in a houseplant, a home kitchen, or a garden.

ORGANIC GARDENING: Naturally remove small pests with no harsh pesticides, insecticide, or chemicals.

UNIQUE DESIGN - 3 shapes for you to choose, the flower shape, the butterfly shape and the rectangle shape, in total quantity of 12 pieces, and it has dual-sided adhesion to catch more insects.

HOOKS INCLUDED: Bendable green hook wire to hang the traps from stems, branches, planters, or stakes.

VALUE PACKAGE: 12 yellow butterfly glue traps for indoors and outdoors to get rid of invading insects.

MULTIPLE METHODS TO USE - After ripping off the outer protective layer, it can be directly inserted into the soil, or hung the rectangle one on a tree with the green iron wire, or cut the big rectangle sticky board into small pieces and then attach to the green stick. It can be applied to mosquitoes, leaf miner, aphid, and fly.

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO - When your hands touch the glue on it, please clean them with vegetable oil or hand sanitizer!! And keep the product out of reach of children and your pets!!!

Product parameters

HPS-40479.5*3.5cm12pcs/box 12boxes/CTN


What are sticky traps for gnats?

Sticky traps are usually yellow sticky plastic because gnats are naturally attracted to yellow things. Perhaps they think it is a flower. That gnats get on to and get stuck and die.

Yellow sticky traps as a pesticide and poison-free way to get rid of gnats and fruit flies. Eco-friendly and cheap.

How many sticky traps are there?

One trap per 250 square feet — or one per 1000 square feet in larger or monoculture greenhouses — and checked, pests counted, on a regular schedule, changed as needed, and the results charted, sticky traps can be an effective Trapping and monitoring tool.

Are all sticky traps the same?

Some sticky traps also include some type of scent to entice certain pests. A sticky trap may also be a hanging trap, in multiple colors. The type that sits on surfaces really only works for crawling bugs, like spiders or cockroaches. Flying insects can't be trapped that way.

Use yellow sticky traps to trap/monitor most pests. (Includes whiteflies, fungus gnats, shore flies, thrips, winged aphids, leafminers, scales, and many others). But be aware they may inadvertently capture parasitic wasps, midges, and beetles. Use with care. Reduce hang duration if needed, just be consistent.

Use blue traps for thrips only, which is helpful if you need to monitor for thrips while excluding the inadvertent capture of parasitoids like Aphidius spp. and other at-risk biocontrols. Hot pink is supposed to be another good color for thrips but is not a commercially available trap color.

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