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Pest Control Fly Glue Trap

The pest control fly glue trap is an environmentally friendly trap designed to capture many flies and other flying insects. The fly trap unrolls easily and can fold over both ends of the uncovered side so that they meet. Use the provided interlocking slits to create a tube shape and place glue trap where required.

The fly paper trap has pheromone attractants incorporated, making it work quickly in capturing flies and other flying insects that may be causing problems.

Pest Control Fly Glue Trap Directions for use

1. Peel off the cover paper

2. Fold over both ends of the uncovered side so that they meet.

3. Use the provided interlocking slits to create a tube shape.

4. Place glue trap where required

The use steps of fly glue trap

Where to Use

The Pest Control Fly Glue Trap can be used indoors or outdoors in homes, restaurants, kitchens, cowshed, barns or any other area where flies are frequenting.

When to Use

Use a Spider Web Fly Glue Trap when you are dealing with a fly infestation and do not wish to use chemicals or insecticides to get rid of the problem.

Cautionary notes:

Ensure protective gloves are worn. Dispose of in a household bin. Always wash hands with warm soapy water after use. Keep out of the reach of children.

Pest Control Fly Glue Trap Features:

* No insecticide vapors.

* Attracts and kills flies, gnats, moths, etc.

* An old favorite !

* Non Toxic- Our safe non toxic sticky trap is disposable and safe to use anywhere humans or animals may come in contact with it.

Pest Control Fly Glue Trap Target Pests:

Flies, gnats, moths, etc.

Product parameters

Packing4pcs/box, 72boxes/CTN
In Stock Online
Restricted Use
Shipping Restrictions
"Be careful to not accidently touch the trap with your fingers because the adhesive is very strong. If you or someone happens to get stuck to the trap, some vegetable oil can help to unstick you and remove the stickiness from your hands."
Product Drawbacks
Pest Control Fly Glue Trap will need to be replaced.
Target Pests
Flies, and other flying insects.
Application Equipment
None Needed
Application Methods
Active Ingredient
The Pest Control Fly Glue Trap uses food grade multi-bait, and 3D image design as an attractant. Pest Control Fly Glue Traps are able to control about 70% to 80% of high infestations without any chemical pesticides.
Chemical Type
Mix Rate
Pest Control Fly Glue Trap requires no mixing and is ready to be used.
Shelf Life
Pest Control Fly Glue Trap will last up to 3 years when stored in a dry, clean environment.
Use Sites
Indoors, Outdoors
Time to Kill
Pest Control Fly Glue Trap does not eliminate pests upon contact, but does trap pests. Trapped pests perish within 24 to 48 hours from suffocation or dehydration.


What glue is used on fly traps?


Most modern brands of fly paper contain no poison, but only a non-toxic adhesive such as rosin.

How to get fly trap glue off a bird?

Apply small drops of heated canola oil to the areas where the bird is stuck to the trap. Gently remove the bird from the trap as the oil softens the sticky adhesive. To avoid this problem from happening again, you'd better use this fly traps outdoor with screen frame protective cage, to protect birds and other beneficial animals from sticky traps.

Where to buy fly glue traps?

There are many fly glue traps suppliers on the shopping platform made in china and alibaba. Some of them are fly glue trap manufacturers and some are trading companies. Among the many choices, you can choose the most suitable glue traps supplier according to your needs. For example, SMART CATCH .It is a professional glue traps manufacturer in China, with its own factory, R&D team, design team and laboratory with advanced testing equipment, we have more than 10 years experience in pest control products, can provide you with high quality products And trendy brand design, save your time and money. 

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