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Non-Toxic fly catcher fly stick

Non-Toxic fly catcher fly stick is a safe and effective way to control flying insects such as houseflies,moths and horseflies. The fly stick trap has no insecticides, non-toxic, and odorless. So, it can be used anywhere inside the house,including the kitchen or bedroom as well as outdoor anywhere flying insects are a nuisance.

This fly catcher adopts a special triangular column design with a attractiveness, the three surfaces of the triangular column are coated with very strong adhesive glue, the adhesive part of the trap is waterproof, UV resistant, non-drying, and remains adhesive until it becomes fully coated with insects.


Attracts and traps flying insects: Once they land, they never leave.

The fly trap is designed for both indoor and outdoor use: Use anywhere flying insects are a nuisance. Eg: porch/patio, garden, picnic areas, garbage cans, inside barns, kennels & stables.

Ideal for reducing pest populations during summer months or managing flying insects congregating in the kitchen.

Cost-effective: Three glued surfaces catch more pests.

HOOK INCLUDED FOR HANGING: For best results, hang vertically with all sides of the Triangular prism stick exposed.

Product parameters

Item No.
HPS-30926.5*6.5*26cm2pcs/box, 48boxes/CTN53.5*41*29cm8.0kg456CTNS

Where to buy fly catcher?

Fly catcher can effectively catch flies, moths, horse flies, etc. Buy quality fly catcher at, we have over ten years of experience providing quality and eco-friendly pest control products according to your needs.

How to use fly catcher?

Remove the fly catcher fly stick protective paper, hang the fly stick in the fly active area, and replace with a new fly stick after the surface of the fly stick is full of flies.

How to trap a fly?

The easiest way is to use fly traps. Place sticky fly traps in the active area of flies.

How to get fly trap glue off skin?

If your skin gets stuck on the trap, slowly peel it off. Then rub the gummy areas of skin with cooking oil, mineral oil, baby oil, or peanut butter. Let this set for a few minutes then rub the glue and oil mixture with a dry cloth.

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