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Super glue mini tubes

These super glue mini tubes come in small and portable 1mL pack, there are two kinds of blister and handy storage box pack for you to choose from. This mini strongest glue is perfect for small jobs of bonding and repairing, and can reach the smallest corners and joints.

Options Available

1g 3pk

Usage method

1.Open the cover to use

2.Do not squeeze the bottle side,

In order to avoid a large amount of glue outflow

3.Ensure that the bonding part is dry

Clean and free of grease

4.Apply a little on the bonding surface
This glue,align and squeeze
A certain bonding strength is given


May be irritating to the skin and eyes.

Use in a well-ventilated environment.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water.

This product is instantlr dry, and strong adhesion,will be
in a few seconds the skin tight, please be careful to use

, and put the child can not get the place.


Strongest super glue is a self-leveling adhesive that meets rubber, wood, metal, toys, ceramic, leather.

Special environmental bonding glue handicrafts and other industries

mini super glue use


Polyethylene (P0), polypropylene (PP), POM plastics are difficult to stick, like automobile plastics, automobile bumpers, plastic containers, plastic hooks, which may have passed after bonding,  It may fall off after a certain period of time.If you need to bond such materials, you can buy our instant adhesive and  H770 activator or Hopson epoxy adhesive.

Product parameters

Item No.



Chemical Composition:

One part cyanoacrylate





Application temperature

Room temperature

Service Temperature

-65°F to 180°F (-54 to 82°C)

Set Time:


Full Strength:

24 hours



Expands when cured




Shelf life

2 years

1g3pk  24cards/box 12boxes/ctn
1g3pk  12cards/box  24boxes/ctn








Can I use super glue to fix my tooth?

Super glue isn't dental adhesive for orthodontic treatment, and if you try to use this method to repair your teeth, not only  it will not solve the problem, but it will also cause you more trouble. Please useing the professional dental adhesive for permanent tooth Repairs & fillings.

How do you get super glue off surface without acetone?

Soap or dish soap and warm water, put a small amount of Soap or dish soap into an appropriate amount of warm water and stir evenly, then moisten a soft cloth.

Place the cloth over the glue and leave it there for at least three hours to soften the glue. Then simply attempt to peel the glue off.

How do you remove dried super glue?

You can use nail polish removers remove dried super glue, Most nail polish removers contains acetone strong solvent, It can dissolve super glue.


●Put on gloves and soak the cotton ball in the nail polish remover

●Put the cotton ball on dried super glue until the glue softens

●Wash nail polish remover and residual glue traces with soapy water

What is the formula of 502 super glue?

Formula (unit weight):

Main ingredients

Unit Weight

Methyl methacrylate-methyl acrylate copolymer


a-Ethyl cyanoacrylate



Trace amount

Tricresol phosphate


Sulfur dioxide

Trace amount

Process characteristics:

502 Super Glue produces its effect by catalyzing polymerization of water or other alkaline substances adsorbed on the adherend surface .

After applying the glue, press for a few seconds at room temperature, instant seting, and reach the highest adhesive strength after 24 hours.

502 glue is usually packaged in glass ampoules or polyethylene bottles, and no water can be brought into the bottle during use. Generally, the storage period after opening is only three months.

What is the difference between cyanoacrylate glue and AB glue?

Cyanoacrylate glue-liquid: low viscosity, suitable for bonding on flat surfaces or surfaces with small gaps, Recommend to use it under 3 cm

AB glue-gel: high viscosity, suitable for uneven surface, large gap and vertical Surface bonding, slow curing time, easy to adjust the bonding position (recommended to use more than 3 cm)

How to make super glue stronger?

Try to ensure that the bonding surface is flat and clean to achieve the best results. (Clean up the bonding surface before bonding, such as dirt, oil stains, lubricating oil, and rust, etc.), Secondly, after bonding, press the bonding area with your hands until the initial positioning and then let go.

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