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Sunflower Style Window Fly Trap

Window Fly Trap (also known as"window sticker" ) is made of specially-formulated non-toxic adhesive and waterproof paper. This natural, non toxic sticky glue trap to monitor and control the House Flies and other small flying insects in your home.

Unlike many other brands of Window Fly Trap ours has an extremely sticky glue coating across its entire surface that will not dry out, and an attractive design printed into the surface that distracts from the many insects caught over time.


Insecticide free.

Easy-To-Use Ribbon For Clean, Effective, Non-Poisonous Control Of Flies, Mosquitoes And Other Flying Insects

No baiting required, No Poisons, No Vapors, No Mess

Ready to use and Disposable

Fits easily in most windows, and Ideal for all rooms in the home for effective fly control, including the greenhouse.

Each trap lasts for months

Includes 4 window fly traps

Trap Size:9.5*9.5cm

Product parameters

Item No.
HPS-30409.5*9.5cm4pcs/box, 96boxes/CTN25.5*23.5*20cm3.5kg2250CTNS

How to use window fly traps?

Remove the protective paper on the back of the window fly trap, stick the window fly catcher on the window, and tear off the protective paper on the front of the window fly trap. If no insects are caught within 2 or 3 days switch trap to another location.

This window sticker fly trap is especially designed to attract flies and control fly activity indoors. It leaves no trace when removed from the window.

The use method of window fly trap

How to remove glue from fly trap off a window?

Scrape the glue off of the surface with a plastic tool. As soon as you've removed as much adhesive as you can, add more baby oil and let it soften. Then, add baby oil and scrape off the adhesive until you've scraped off all of the glue.

What are the most popular fly trap?

Best For Windows:  Sunflower Window Fly Traps.

Best For Plants: Dual-Sided Yellow Sticky Traps.

Best For Outdoor Use: Sticky Fly Paper Strips.

Best Reusable Trap: Safer Reusable Insect Catcher.

Best For Indoor Use: Indoor Sticky Fly Trap.

best fly trap

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