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PUR adhesive for wood

PUR adhesive (Polyurethane reactive adhesive; also called reactive hot melt, reactive polyurethane, or RPU adhesive) is a one-part formulation that mechanism of action is that the polyurethane prepolymer reacts with the moisture in the air to cure and crosslink to form a stable chemical structure.

Hopson PUR adhesive is a very fast-setting adhesive. Initial handling strength is achieved within 30 minutes. Hopson PUR glue can be used in edge-to-edge joints, I- beam joints. It is suitable for bonding tropical wood, and sandwich panels. Typical applications in windows, doors, and pillars. It gives an exceptionally high mechanical strength.

The combination of no-mix one-part application, rapid handling strength, and high final strength make PUR adhesives excellent candidates to help improve throughput and reduce processing time.

Hopson PUR glue, like Fevicol 1K PUR, is designed for outdoor weather conditions. The adhesive bond is

resistant to cold and hot weather conditions. Hopson PUR gives a clear glue line on drying that can be

sanded, painted, or stained.

Features & Benefits:

- Single-component

- Quick initial curing, can reach initial curing after 10 to 20 minutes after gluing.

- Has gap-filling properties.

- No pot life problems

- High-strength bond.

- Easy to use and apply.

- Low VOC —> Green product

- Good high and low-temperature resistance

- Excellent weather resistance, sealing, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, creep resistance, and

temperature shock resistance.

PUR adhesives have a very wide variety of applications. These applications include flooring which often

used as carpet glue, and in joineries where it is a perfect wood and fabric glue. The industry uses for

PUR Adhesives are equally varied:

Applications in WoodWorking

- Strongly Bonds wood to wood.

- Used for Windows and door frame assembly

- Staircase assembly.

- Laminate bonding of wood and wood materials

- Joint bonding for outdoor use. Eg: Edge-to-edge joints, I- beam joints

- Suitable for bonding tropical wood, and sandwich panels.

- Takes to wood stains easily.

- Other applications in Plywood, mineral building boards, rigid plastics, foams, concrete, and ceramics.

- More other uses(Construction, Furniture, Laminating, shipbuilding, Cladding, etc. )

Flexible even after bonding - allows for movement in wood joinery.

Areas of Application

Wood, MDF
Fiberboard, particleboard
Stone, ceramic, brick, marble
Plasterboard, masonry
Rubber, some plastics, and many other substrates.

Recommended Method of Application

The surface to be bonded should be dry, clean, and free from oil or grease.

By Brush/Roller/Spatula - Apply to one surface in a thin layer, assemble the parts and leave to set, it will set in 30 minutes.

During cure, this product will expand to fill gaps and rough surfaces, when foamed.

Firmly clamp both substrates. A strong bond will be obtained after 2 - 3 hours and full strength will be realized after 24 hours at room temperature.

Individual substrates should be evaluated for bonding performance prior to any large-scale application.

Clean up - Mineral spirit or acetone when the glue is wet, and sand & scrape when the glue is dry.

Precautions & Limitations

MSDS is available on request.

The container is to be closed tightly after use as the product is moisture curable. Use of Protective Hand gloves & goggles are strongly recommended to avoid skin contact

Store PUR adhesives in a dry, cool place. Avoid sunlight exposure, and prohibit contact with steam, water, and alcohol solvents. Recommended storage temperature: 5-25 degrees Celsius, shelf life is 12 months.

Product parameters

BrandHopson or OEM
Packaging Size500Gm
Brownish-yellow viscous clear liquid
VOC Concentration (EPA Method 24)
0 grams per liter
Open Time
20 to 25 minutes
Foams when Drying
Foams Slightly
Packaging Type
Application Temperature
above 20 °C (68 °F)
Recommended Use
Interior, Exterior, Bonding Porous Surface to Non-Porous Surface


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