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High performance removable glue dots

High performance removable glue dots are double-sided adhesive dots that are repositionable,

these are the clean and safe alternative to liquid glues, hot-melt glue guns, and tapes.

This versatile adhesive dot is great for a multitude of craft, school, hobby,  and art projects.

Although small, each glue dot provides a super strong hold for

Available in 2 packs - 60pcs/card and roll pack 100pcs/card.

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Steps to use and remove balloon glue dots

●Clean the surface

●Peel off the mini glue dots

●Glue point is being placed

●Avoid touching the glue dots with your fingers,

because dust and oil will break the bond.

●Just press the sticker directly

glue dots for balloon

If you remove the micro glue dots, just roll them back

and forth on the surface of the object

remove glue dots

Advantages and applications of removable glue dots

Double sided glue dots
flexible glue dots
Double sided glue dots, torn without marks, sticking without marks
Flexible and stretch resistant

Multiple usage:fixed decorations, pasted envelopes, etc.

Apply to metope

glue dots for metope

Note:Peeling metopes, stainedmetopes, inferiormetopes are not applicable

Product parameters

Item No.



60pcs/card 24cards/box 12boxes/ctn







Adhesive Side

Double Sided

Adhesive Type

Pressure Sensitive



Shelf life

24 months


Are Glue Dots removable?

Glue dots are divided into low-viscosity dots, medium-viscosity dots, high-viscosity dots, and ultra-high-viscosity dots according to their viscosity.

Generally, low-viscosity glue dots are removable. Since glue dots are applied to different substrates, medium-viscosity and high-viscosity glue dots can be removable or permanent.

Ultra-high viscosity and high-viscosity glue dots are considered permanent and will tear the paper.

After the glue dots are removed, there will be no mess and residue, no acid and tasteless.

How do you remove Glue Dots?

To remove Glue Dots from hard or non-porous surfaces, first try to lift it from the surface with your fingers or tip (for example: a needle) (rolling on the side of the thumb works well).

You can also use a hair dryer to align the glue spots, use a low heat setting, and move the hair dryer back and forth on the glue. The heat will help loosen it.

If the above two glue removal methods do not work, please take a soft brush or cotton bud, apply Artists Adhesive Remover (was Glue Dot Remover) to the surface around the dot. It also helps to prick the surface of the glue dot with a pin, this allows the remover to penetrate the dot more thoroughly and speeds removal.

Can you use Glue Dots on balloons,glass,fabric?

Glue dots are adhesive dots, they can be easily removed without leaving stains or damaging the wall. Therefore, they are perfect for putting balloons on the wall.

You can also use removable glue dots to secure lightweight objects to almost any surface. It is very suitable for paper, foam, plastic, metal, wood, glass, etc.

Self-adhesive dots are fast- no drying time, no mess, odorless, if there is guidance and supervision, even children can use them to make handwork (DIY fabric bags, hats, etc.)

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