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10ml, 15ml, 18ml super glue bottles are made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) and is therefore only suitable for use with some solvents and pure acrylic and PVA.

Plastic glue bottles are in various shapes, with caps and pins to provide you with more choices. HPB-031 10ml and HPB-053 12ml empty bottles with brush are perfect for filling acrylic nail glue. HPB-053 12ml korea nail glue bottle adopts open mold design, longneck bottle cap is exquisite and high-grade.

HPB-054 18ml HDPE bottle adopts an arc design. This empty HDPE bottle is perfect for filling ca glue or other liquid glue. When using, it is more convenient to apply glue by holding the arc of the bottle.

The bottle cap has a steel needle to prevent the bottle mouth from being blocked when applying glue. Hopson glue bottle manufacturer 

Hopson glue bottle manufacturer not only provides you with beautiful designs, high-quality empty HDPE bottles but also factory wholesale prices that satisfy you

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