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Epoxy glue for plastic

Epoxy glue for plastic is a two part epoxy resin adhesive containing resin and curing agent, equipped with easy-to-use self-mixing dispenser and precision applicator, When mixed in equal volumes, the resin and hardener react to produce a tough, rigid, high-strength bond.

Available in 6 sizes - 6ml, 12ml, 14ml, 24ml, 25g, 50g.

Available liquid epoxy glue and epoxy putty stick.

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Instructions for use

Surface Preparation - Protect the work area. Surfaces should be clean, dry, and free of grease and oil.

Roughen smooth surfaces for better adhesion.

1. Snap cap off by pushing to the side, Do not twist.

2. Hold the syringe with nozzle end up and pull back slightly on the plunger, allowing air bubbles to rise to the top.

3. Attach nozzle over syringe opening, push past prongs, and turn 90° to lock in place.

4. Depress plunger to dispense epoxy directly onto one side of the surfaces to be bonded.


● Strong, permanent, fast and gap-filling

● Waterproof, sand able and paintable

● Dries Clear: Ideal for clean, easy finishing

● 5 Minute Set: Plenty of repositioning time for the perfect fit.

● High-strength formula bonds wood, metal, tile, ceramic, glass, plastic and more

● The static mix nozzle delivers a uniform mixture of resin and hardener every time.

● It can be tinted with earth pigments, cement or sand for color matching and can be sanded and drille

How to use hopson epoxy glue for glass, metal, wood, tile?

Product parameters

Item No.



7+7ml/card  12cards/box  12boxes/ctn







Shelf life

24 months


What is the formula of epoxy adhesive(AB glue)?

Epoxy adhesive formulations pdf

Is epoxy glue expensive?

Hopson epoxy adhesive price is 0.45$-15$, cheap factory wholesale

price, we will give you the best price according to your choice of AB glue type and order quantity

What is the difference between epoxy adhesive and epoxy resin?

Difference: Epoxy adhesives are available in liquid and gel forms, and epoxy resins are available in liquid and powder forms.

Epoxy adhesive is waterproof and solvent-free. The powder form of epoxy resin is easy to mix with water.

The curing time of epoxy adhesive is much faster than epoxy resin The price of epoxy adhesive is more expensive than epoxy resin, because the adhesive performance of epoxy adhesive is better

Similarities: Both resins and epoxy resins are commonly used adhesives in the construction industry. You can choose the right adhesive according to your objects

Which is the best adhesive for ABS plastic?

Most adhesives such as Cyanoacrylates, two part epoxies, Structural Acrylics, and Polyurethanes are suitable for bonding ABS. MS polymers can be used where a flexible solution is required. UV curable adhesives can be used to form strong bonds to ABS, providing the light can reach the bonded joint.

Drying time

Partial set time rating: Fast drying - about 45 seconds. Complete cure time is 24 hours.

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