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Best shoe repair glue

Shoe repair glue is a kind of environmentally friendly resin soft glue. Because of its flexible formula, it can bond shoes of various materials such as leather, rubber, vinyl and canvas.

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15ml 30ml

Benefits and notices of shoe repair adhesive

1. Self-contained needle, no glue blocking after repeated use

2. High strength, simple operation, replace needle and thread

3. Fully transparent, beautifully bonded, not yellowing, not hard, not whitish

4. Highly waterproof, soaking for 24 hours without bending

5. A wide range of uses, shoe repair glue is suitable for a variety of damages such as shoe side glue,

shoe edge glue, toe glue, insole glue, sole glue, heel glue, etc.

application of shoe adhesive

Instructions for use of shoe repair glue

1. Make sure that the bonding surface is clean, dry and free of dirt, and the bonding surface must be consistent.

2. Squeeze out a small amount of glue on the joint side, brush the surface evenly with a brush or cotton bud

3. pull open the detached surfaces and let the glue dried for 5-10 minutes.
4. Heat it with hairdryer to get a better bonding effect.

5. Attach and press
6. Leave it for 8 hours before you wear it


1 .Make a trial test for special materials or ask for technical advise from us
2.Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes. Flush with plenty of water if
accidentally contact with the glue.
3.Keep it out of reach of children.
4.Tightly seal it after use. Keep it in dry and cool places ond stay away
from fire.

Product parameters

Item No.




15ml/card  12cards/box  24boxes/ctn

30ml/pcs  24pcs/box  12boxes/ctn







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How to remove shoe adhesive?

Remove no-dried shoe adhesive method:

1. Add appropriate amount of white vinegar, baking soda, and detergent in warm water, stir, and mix will produce foam

2. Put on gloves and soak the sponge in the configured foam water

3. Wipe the glue area, after removing the glue, wipe with a clean dry cloth

Remove dried shoe adhesive method:

1. Use your nail file and gently remove as much of the dry glue as you can.

2. Take your warm soapy water or acetone and apply it to the area with a sponge.

3. Repeat wiping several times until the shoe glue is completely removed

4. Clean

Why wait for the shoe repair adhesive to dry before attaching it?

Because shoe glue is a hot glue, the solvent must be completely volatilized first. It becomes sticky after closing. So try not to let the two surfaces touch before the glue is dry, so prevent wire drawing.

How to heat without a hair dryer?

If you don't have a hair dryer, you can use heating lights, bath lights, hot sun, etc.

What is better than Shoe Goo?

Hopson shoe adhesive and Shoe Goo are both multi-purpose super glues, Hopson shoe glue adopts a unique formula design, strong abrasion resistance, high-temperature resistance, and waterproof. It is the first choice glue for shoe-fix. Hopson provides competitive factory prices and satisfactory service


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