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2g plastic bottles cyanoacrylate

Hopson is leading manufacturer of a range of plastic bottles cyanoacrylate in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China. Support OEM.

9 different 2g empty plastic cyanoacrylate bottles, empty glue bottles are available in many colors, shapes, designs for you to choose.

The bottom cap of the HPB-004 2ml empty glue bottle is transparent. When filling the glue, the glue bottle bottom Cap is pressed and sealed by the glue filling machine.

HPB-009 2ml glue bottle liquid applicator has a wide applicator tip, large applicator area, and is easy to use.

Capacity of 2ml glue bottle: It is recommended to fill 1.5ml glue liquid

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Wholesale factory hot sale high quality empty cyanoacrylate adhesive bottles of different shapes and sizes at Hopson

ALL cyanoacrylate adhesive bottles sizes.

3ml, 3ml pen10ml20ml100ml1000CMT

Hopson glue bottle manufacturer can customize the glue bottle according to your requirements and provide the best factory wholesale price.

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